What you want to be or do in life is a question that troubles the youth of today. We aim to bring to you an answer to this question. With WhoUR

Full Description

WhoUR is a social media network that allows users, via psychological means, to discover their potential in various different careers through images presented to them who will feel connected to certain images relating to certain interests.

Based on a user's selection of images, the app will begin creating a profile, filtering the user's image feed to present more images related to his or her interests, and also presenting several events like workshops, conventions, clubs, tournaments, festivals, presential and online courses, university majors, that are both related to the user's interests and within the same region as the user.  

WhoUR will also bring users into a social network where they will meet other users that share interests. It will allow users to create events of their own.

On a grander perspective, this tool will allow enterprises and other businesses to pinpoint users who match said enterprise's vision and requirements, so that the enterprise can opt for a recruitment of the top professionals of a certain area.

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Danny Valladares Silva  
Adalberto Hernández Rivera


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