Keep The Sun Away

There are 3 certainties in life - death, taxes, and the sun.

To help protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays, you should apply sunblock. But do you know which sunblock in particular? This app helps you decide which SPF to apply based on the UV Index. It is suitable for everyone who needs to take care of their skin, specifically people with sensitive skin or just people who hate the sun! 

How We Shelter You


1. Weather-forecast Based Recommendations

Like the weather forecast, but better - because it actually gives you advice on which SPF level of sunblock you should use to best protect yourself.

2. Protection Recommendations

Sunglasses, check. 
Sunbrella, check. 
Cap, check. 
Wait, is this overkill? Never worry again, with our UV-index protection recommendations. Based on UV level categories, we tell you what you need to wear.

3. Smart Protection Notifications

Using your smartphone’s light sensors, we find out if it got too sunny and bright, and push you a reminder to put on your sunglasses.

4. Tips and Trivia

Inspired by the Snapple's bottle cap, quips on the sun, ultraviolet rays, SPF sun screens and more will greet you when you open our app.

5. Hyperlocal personalization

With added data points, we can tell if you are indoors or outdoors, and even your level of elevation, to provide even more accurate recommendations.

Now Available on Web & Android.

Potential & Upcoming Features

1. Skin Tone Detection
Users can snap a photo of their skin tone, which will be used to provide more accurate sunblock recommendations.

2. IBM Watson Personality Insights
Using IBM Watson Personality Insights, data could be collected and analyzed to determine how people are feeling about the sun. 

3. IBM Question & Answer
Using IBM Question & Answer, users will be able to ask questions about Ultraviolet rays, UV Index and SPF sunblock.

4. Health care Assistance
Some people have sensitive skin and can only be exposed to a certain amount of sunlight while some people require Vitamin D by exposing their skin to the sun. With more data and calculations, the application aims to calculate personalized recommendations on how much time is healthy to spend in the sun.

5. Food Consumption Recommendation
Could double up as a diet recommendation app if there is a lack of sunlight that reduces the need for sunblock recommendations.

6. Online Shop
According to the survey questions prompted along the way, the information submitted by users will provide recommended sunblocks for purchase.

Why We Shine

This video explains how the idea came about and showcase 2 of the key features in our "What Sunblock Should I Use?" application.

Big thanks to 
  • IBM
  • WeWork

Special Mentions
  • IBM Hackathon Organizers
  • Caeli Byrne (IBM, Organizer)
  • Noah Wallach (WeWork, Judge)
  • Kevin DeLand (IBM, Judge)
  • Masoud Ghandehari (NYU, Judge) 
  • Arun Sundararajan (NYU, Judge)
  • Sarah Ho for the feature write up.

Updated on 22 March 2015, 11.55 pm

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