The problem we found is that in case of emergency, such as a volcanic eruption, theres people that dont know what to do or where to go during the emergency; also, not everyone knows what to do BEFORE the emergency or how to prepare for said events. Moreover, we thought about implementing a new protocol for emergencies, in which any organization can abide to in order to improve security and prevention in case of disasters, giving indoor routes of evacuation from buildings, structures, campuses, and any place out of the streets.

So, we came up with the idea to develop an application to make people aware of all these things, using the information technologies. 

Full Description

This application will benefit the people providing them information of how to react and during a  emergency.

What to do before, during, and after the eruption: Giving them directions of where to go (safe areas, routes), recommendations of what to do/don’t do, showing hazardous areas. 

We focused in all these because in an emergency not all people can receive assist from professionals, are not able to watch or hear the media at the moment, or some people just don’t know what to do in these kind of situations. 

Our application shows the nearest evacuation routes available for people to safe areas and gives advice of what to do during the emergency plus a news feed of relevant events.

By now, we implemented an example of an imaginary emergency, in which the app show us the nearest route to a safe area.  



Video Presentation


TEAM 3: Chihuahua, Mexico


Samuel Blanco

Victor Espinoza

David Saenz

Erick Alcantar

Ricardo Trevizo

Meredith Dickinson

Mark Miller

Rachel Stein




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