UrbanFeed is a notification platform designed to provide important information about your city in a relevant way, by the most accessible means available.
Official Institutions (Town Hall, Universities, Cable Company, Internet Providers, etc) will have access to publish in a channel where subscribers can follow and receive this short and concise notifications.

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Full Description

The idea behind UrbanFeed began while thinking of a way to give information about your city a space in our already busy lives, cluttered by work and social media.

We live in dynamic cities and everything that happens to it affects in one way or another. Things like power line maintenances, traffic accidents, marches, water shortage, floods, weather changes alerts, public transport notices.. All of these things would easily go a-miss in our daily living, and affects us in our commute and work.

In this day and age the amount of information available is overwhelming, you can pretty much know everything about anything anywhere at the tip of your fingers and even if you filter that information down to what really matters to you, you'd still have to leave some stuff out.

 So these days the really "important" information is the one who has the best way to get noticed.

Instead of downloading many apps to get the information you need, with notifications you get all in one place by subscribing only to the feeds you're interested in, and also have the information on any device, from wearables to phones.

Sending Messages:

Receiving Notifications:

UrbanFeed will provide notifications in the most wide-spread means available today: SMS, email and push notifications to mobile apps.

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