It´s an App that shows us the routes we need to reach our objective in Guadalajara and the time left for the transport to arrive.

Full Description

Trayectos its a complete app for smartphone which offers a wide variety of features to help us move in Guadalajara City in real time. From bus, metro, light rails and bikes.

Bus Functions:

It tells us where to meet a bus, how crowded it is, price, the time left for it to reach the stop, and the time that is left to get to your destination.

Metro Functions:
Schedules, route suggestions, prices.

Key Features

Mixed Routes (different transportations to get faster to destination)
Places of interest
Bike rental locations and racks.
Real-Time Event as accidents or works
Works without Internet Connection (will not show prices and time left) 
Show pop-ups about amount of gas saved for not using car, tips, etc.

Customer Segment

Our project is focused to be used by middle-class people that do not know about public transportation in Guadalajara, foreigners who are first visiting the city, and upper/lower-class citizens that prefer this transportation in order to not take out their vehicles.

La Monarquía


David Hernández Alvarado

Adler Alonso Zamora Ruiz 
(311) 909 76 97

Dennis Jesus Kingston Godinez

Lázaro Cárdenas Guerrero

Hugo Alberto Michel Castillo     (33)31292935



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