TeleCon Project


Nowadays, the citizens of Chihuahua do not have the knowledge about the quantity of public services (water, gas and electricity) being used. The only way they can realize that, is when the bills arrive at your home.

The purpose of our project is to change the way the city manages the resources and create a new culture of sustainability among the society. 


TeleCon is a web application that retrieve the data from telematic meters and the service company's database.
TeleCon tells you the amount of services being used at the moment,
and compare your data with the previous months, so you can be more efficient with the planet's limited resources, also, you can get feedback about the things you are changing in the world.

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TeleCon Team (#7)


Ruben Borunda    

Ricardo Escandón

Sofia Terrazas

Sergio Baidon

Josué Morales