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Sync City


Sync City is a smart city-tour planner oriented to tourism. Sync City provides the most suitable interesting places to visit according to your personal preferences as well as weather conditions and other factors.

Are you a student visiting Barcelona that would like to go to free museums? Are you worried about which kind of activities could you do if it is rainning tomorrow?  In case it is sunny, where could you go to enjoy the day?

 All those questions are answered with Sync City!

Full Description

There are plenty of cites, magazines and specialized publications that provide city-tours. However, none of them take into account the personal desires of the user as well as the weather that fits with them.
Our application is an intelligent planner that crosses a database of interesting turism points with the preferences of the user and data obtained from open weather forecasts. Moreover, the temperature, humidity, wind, and pedestrian flow sensors are used to provide a real-time decision making. All this data is processed by our algorithm in order to provide to the user a set of interesting tourism points sorted in an optimized tour. Following that tour the tourists will be able to visit places that they are really interested in with the certainty that the weather is not going to disrupt their plans.


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Sync City


Santiago Pascual
Maties Pons
Arnau Prat
Melvin Tong
Eduard Sanou


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BlueMix apps:
- Backend server: Pyhon, Flask
- Database control: php, phpMyAdmin
BlueMix service:
- Database MySQL