Street Life  a smart city-tour planner oriented not only to tourism, but also to natives from that city. Street Life gives useful information about any place  to citizens.
At first sight, you may think there are already apps which do that, but you are wrong. With this app you can see different parameters such as the grade of occupation, location, offers, contact number and so on. And above all, those offers are specifically focused on you and it can also give you personalized advice of where you might want to go.

Do you want to go out to an specific pub? Are you going to the library?
 Are you worried about  the amount of people that could be there ?  Are you in a hurry and you do not want to join the queue?

 Street Life gives answer to all this questions!

 Full Description

The identification of the places where there is more activity in a city can be a very useful tool for both people in the city and tourists.

Street Life  provides real-time information about the hot spots in Madrid, based on the information given by two sources:  City Council and users of de app.

Technical Description

The web server that we have used is provided by IBM Bluemix
In order to view the maps , whe have use Google Maps API.
Reltated to web app , we have use Bootstraap to be more atractive to the users.
And in the future, to prepare the personality tests, we will use Watson ( provided by IBM)


With the information provided by the user and a personality test, Street Life makes  recommendations to the user of which places are the most suitable for them.
You can also see how many people are at one place or if there are any remarkable offers. So , if you want to go to  , for example , the supermaket , you can check if it is too crowded , and go there later.

Possible stakeholders

The most important stakeholders which are going to be interested in our app are the following:
  • Citizens: They could decide where to go depending on their priorities.

  • Owners: They would be capable of organizing their business depending on the information given. Besides, they would be able to see how many people go there and decide what kind of people they want to share their offers with.

  • City Council: They would use the information received to control de capacity of the libraries and of the sports centers.

Future improvements
  • Develop a mobile app to be more accessible to all users anywhere.

  • Use more data from other sources ( complementary social networks) such as twitter.

  • Use Watson in order to prepare the personality tests.


Street Life


Alejandro Barredo

Itziar Sagastiberri

Nerea Leguinazabal

Elena López de Dicastillo

Patricia López