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                Chihuahua is a city with a lot of traffic problems. Smart Streets is a solution to make traffic easier on some streets intersections,

                considering schedule and traffic statistics, the Smart Street mechanism will decide the best option to create an extra lane to hurry up traffic.

Problem description

    Many roads in Chihuahua produce bottlenecks because of the streets design. In some places, the city doesn't have the enough space for bridges and freeways, it forces to have only a few lanes that not allow a fast cars flow. The population of Chihuahua spent much time in their cars, stuck in traffic, waiting to move on.

    An example of this, is the intersection of La Cantera Avenue and La Juventud freeway; if someone drives down on La Cantera to take the freeway northbound, cars only have one exit lane that becomes to 3 lanes. This causes very long rows, the people have to wait for the traffic light to change and move on, although the entrance to the freeway is continuous without any stop. We made a prototype to create a solution to this problem.


Smart Streets

This project is going to measure the car flow using sensors to detect when the streets have bottlenecks; now, we made the solution for the specific street cross of La Cantera Av. and La Juventud freeway. When the cars are stuck in traffic, the sensors are going to sent the signal about the cars flow, and the Smart Streets mechanism is going to activate an extra lane to speed up traffic. This will help people to use better their time.

    To make that possible, the "Smart Streets" mechanism is going to move a barrier to create an extra lane for the enough time until the bottleneck ends. The sensors will register data to know the cars flow northbound and westbound. So, considering schedule and traffic statistics the "Smart Street" system will decide the best option for the extra lane to hurry up traffic on both ways.

        The following map shows the Bottleneck on the principal freeways, the project is based on them, these streets are Periferico de la Juventud and La Cantera Avenue.

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