The application is available for iOS only, is adapted for people who are in areas that may need earthquakes, has various functions such as locating people, emergency manual and location of safe areas.

Full Description

SafeZone is an application oriented to people living in areas at risk of earthquake, the application will have the capabilities of locating people using bluetooth from your smartphone, it will also have an emergency manual of what to do in case of an earthquake, and the ability to display on the map the places that are considered safe during or after the earthquake will download a database of a server which will have the locations that can be considered as safe during or after an earthquake and display them on a map. We want this database to be local since it is very likely that in a case of emergency the user won't have access to the Internet.

How the App will Help Create a Smart City:
Being able to take advantage of the technology that exists in our time to solve a problem which has been here for many years helps create a smart city, facing the problem in an effective manner. This kind of approach will as well generate an effect where other people will start thinking about other problems of the community which can be solved in a similar manner and in that way grow as a smart city even more.

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Team 4


Mario Contreras
Aaron De Santiago
Lazaro Reyes
Jesus Ruiz