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How many times have you reported a problem without getting a response? And when you do this how complicated it is.

 That is why we created REPORTAPP, which is a movile  application  that allows  you to be the eyes and ears of your city, allowing you to make public  the city problems.


This system was developed in order to allow the user to report any kind of anomaly, which could occur in the city, related with public services, road infrastructure problems, and general crimes.

If your are driving and occur a problem just with 2 taps in your app you will generate a report

There are two versions of ReportApp, one that works wih wifi or data plan and the other one that works with Bluetooth.

The application will let you choose a category of the problem you want to report, and the second screen will appear and display the specific complaint.

Then the complaint will be sent over a wide area network to our server where information will be filtered, analyzed and published where everyone can have a look.

The HOT-SPOTS will allow free connection to the cloud, which are located in strategic parts of the city.

To make a report you’ll need wifi access, a data plan or be near one of our “hot spots”.

The main objective of this app is to present to the citizens and government institutions the current and real situation about the status of the zone and the city where they live. In the same way the app will provide the information to the government in order to take appropriate actions to improve the city situation, always having the current information near to the citizens in a public web page, in which you can see statistics, and the most important areas in the city, all of this in order to give to the government the responsibility to improve the situation with your and the others help, because it will be monitored by the citizens.

In the future our App will be able to store the reports the users make, until a wifi  acces point or a HOT SPOT  is detected, then it will send the report.

The App will allow us to create a database of the problems reported, which will be used to identify the main problems in each zone of the city, so that actions to solve them can be taken.

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Report App


Report App


Marisol Flores González

Jorge Erik Montes Rivera

Luis Fernando Rojas Marta

Cesar Rodríguez Esqueda

Oswaldo Adrián García López

Alejandro Felipe Aguilar Corral