Now a days almost all the beverages containers are made of PET or aluminum. After their use, they are just garbage and contaminate our city. But there is a way to solve this problem. If instead of only throw them in a normal trash can, we can throw them in a recycling machine. This machine would separate aluminum cans from PET bottles to take them to a recycling company.

    For encouraging and for promoting the use of recycling machine, for every can or bottle received by the machine there would be an economic remuneration in a card, like electronic money, that can be exchanged in the same machine at any moment. 

Full Description

    Recycling machine separates PET bottles from aluminum cans. It is integrated by the following elements:

    User interface. Recycling machine has a start botton and a finish botton. To begin recycling the user has to press the start botton, then the machine will count the cans and bottles received. There is a finish botton to finalize the process and get the ticket.
    Material selector. It detects wheter PET or aluminum with an inductive and capacitive sensor, depending on the material, the bottles would be deposited in an cointainer and the cans in other. The mechanism is moved by a DC motor. The whole system is controlled by PIC18F4580.
    Cointainers: Two cointainers, one for each material. 

    After depositing all your cans and bottles in Recycling machine, you will get a ticket that can be exchanged for money or for a trip ticket in the public transportation. 

Recycling machine prototype 

Exterior view                                                           Interior view

Video Presentation


Green team 


Eduardo Arzaga
Julian Estrada
Jesús Baeza
Mario Terrazas
Arturo Hernández
Luis Guitierrez
Luz Anchondo


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