All the World's a Page


We introduce the concept of a Quill, a longer version of a Tweet anchored in space whose presence evolves in time based on user ratings. The goal is to reverse urban alienation, enrich urban spaces with a layer of augmented reality, and inspire and connect people. 

Full Description

Anyone can be a Writer. Writers submit Quills, which are 300-character messages tagged with the user's location at the time the message is composed. The idea is to immortalize one's perspective of a particular place. Everyone is also a Reader. When a Reader passes within 5 meters of a place where a Quill has been submitted, there is a chance that they will be notified of that Quill. When served a Quill, a Reader can then rate it. Quills that receive more positive scores stand a greater chance of being served to Readers in the future.

Once a significant user base is established, the data from Quills can be leveraged for real-time sentiment analysis and to facilitate the study of topics that are important to the population of the city in different places.



Avetis Muradyan
Paul Cernek
Peter Lu