Qué tomo

Qué tomo


A crowdsourced directory of popular local medications and health solutions: make self-medication safer and smarter, and educate yourself about your health by tapping into collective, local, knowledge.

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Tegucigalpa, and maybe Honduras in general, has a very strong self-medication culture. And many medications for common illnesses compete for the public's attention. But which are actually safe or effective? Which are readily available and are affordable? Do you know when to self-medicate and when to see a doctor? 

The goal of "qué tomo" is to allow curious (and concerned) people to look up the medications they're recommended by other people and see if they are indeed effective for their symptoms, if they need to have any special precautions or if they should get their butts off the internet and go see a doctor. Self-medication is a dangerous habit, and anything that allays the issues it could create by making it easier to take a decision when taking a new medication.

This prototype will strive for simplicity by just allowing you to search for a medication (or an active ingredient or symptom) and see the best suited entries first, as well as allowing you to vote and comment. 

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