QualiPlace is an intuitive, easy-to-use, mobile application, that has the objective of providing the best service in real estate market. Bringing useful information about risk areas and reviews of citizens about the properties.

Full Description

QualiPlace is the perfect solution for people looking for a quick and secure way to find the ideal property.

You can use a lot of custom filters in your search like:
  • For sale / for rent;
  • By Type (apartment, house ,loft, studio);
  • Number of bedrooms;
  • Number of parking spaces;
  • Price range;
  • Proximity of Hospitals/Schools;


  • Login using Facebook or Google + profiles.
  • Allows the owners to register their properties for sale/rent
  • Allows report a wide variety of problems where they live like robbery, fires, floods, sound pollution and others. 
  • Displays close public services (police, hospital, schools, fire stations, etc.)
  • Shows the municipal laws and complaints record (crime, illegal actions, vandalism). 
  • Shows a ranking of best and worst districts to live.


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