PETRA: Traffic Prediction


Traffic monitoring and prediction detecting Bluetooth devices in combination of other traffic sources. 

Full Description

The objective of this project is to create a system to offer real-time and complete information in metropolitan areas, predict different time frames and offer open data information to citizens and administrations. The objective of this system is to improve traffic data, fusing different data sources, to predict and prevent traffic jams and other incidences, using Big Data techniques.

Several devices have placed in different urban and inter-urban zones, to recollect data from mobile devices, using Bluetooth. This allows vehicle tracking, using the MAC identifier of the devices (hashed using MD5 for anonymity) and a timestamp. Different measures can be performed: day/hour vehicle counting, average speed, etc.

In this hackathon, different sources will be studied and fused to extract information.

- Scrapping of Spanish Ministry of Public Works and Highways PDFs
- Traffic APIs (Microsoft, Here, Waze...)
- Dataset of one week of Bluetooth devices information

Conclusions and results
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