Healthy Running

Healthy Running


We will implement a RaspberryPi - based CO2 monitoring system as to be able to give useful data to runners from Barcelona.
Full Description
Nowadays there are noteworthy number of people who do exercise by their own, the clearest example is the runner movement, this is the consequence of a society without free-time caused by larges timetables, familiar issues and unexpected events. Sadly, in big cities with high levels of pollution, provided by the huge number of vehicles, do exercise in some parts of the city could result extremely dangerous for citizen´s health.  

Based on these facts, we want to provide citizens the oportunity to practice exercise in a healthy way analizing the contamination levels of the different city areas. The aim of the application is to propose the best route option for running taking into account CO2 levels. 

As we only have two days for the implementation, we will build a pilot project in which we will monitorize real time CO2 levels in the city atmosphere.  

In the next picture we will show an example of a chart that we have obtained.





Miquel Ángel Corbella

Alberto González

Andrés Hernández

Gerard Marrugat

Cristian Molina

Daniel Rodríguez



If you used Bluemix, please provide the runtimes and APIs here.