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Open City enables our users to become City Watchers. 
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Full Description
Open City


One of the major issues in cities around the world is that there is a lack of interaction and collaboration between users(citizens) and public administrations while creating and developing urban projects.

Open City is an application that allows them to make those connections between the citizens and the government administration improving the open city’s urban development and satisfaction that every smart city seeks.


The citizens will be able to interact with others through the application sharing important information that is relevant to existing projects that still are in the making process.


The possibility of rating projects, commenting on them and sharing them will be easy , simple and quick.This will contribute to effective arrangements of a new and improved governance.

Our app will mainly consist of two important sections.The first one will include all the active urban projects.Discussing mainly 3 topics.Urban mobility such as transportation,Infrastructure  and Universal Accessibility.Users will be able to watch the projects progress live, rate the project and comment on it.

Second, Connection will be a section where the user can report urban malfunctions in the same areas as the previous section.


All content can be shared on facebook, twitter and other social media.And the data collected from the app will be carefully analyzed to create a completely Data Base of the most important information. The Analyzed Data will be sold to units of the public administration and other enterprise. By viewing the Data, the government can imply the demands of the population and execute actions to improve them.



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Alejandro Figueroa Rosales

Carlos Eduardo Ávila Cuevas

Cesar Manuel Lepee Medina

Laura Alejandra Cruz Fuentes

Luis Alberto Nuñez Barajas

Luis Alfredo Moctezuma Pascual

Omar García Méndez

Rutilio Nava Martínez