Non-GPS Metropolitan Ultra Low Cost Network


The high cost devices and airtime mobile data services prevents the massive use of geolocation GPS based services and their derivatives in most of middle- and low income countries. The development and deployment of metropolitan data networks based on Bluetooth Smart technology as end devices and transmitting nodes interconnected with conventional broadband networks, offer a solution whose cost does not exceed the thousands instead of millions of dollars of technology conventional mobile data.


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Furthermore, these devices can be pinpointed with high precision, similar to the conventional GPS signal based geolocation solution, because the nodes can easily be triangulated. This makes it the cheapest solution metropolitan geolocation NON-GPS in the market.


This data network are many and varied applications in public safety, health, sensor monitoring, security of persons and property. Further details on these applications can be found on


The cost of deployment and use of this solution lies in thousands of dollars per city rather than millions of their cellular counterpart solution. This would ensure a price of installation, maintenance and use, low enough so that its cost is not a barrier for a massive e inclusive use.

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Louis Gerardo Holder Rodríguez




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