A full-stack cloud platform that places stray animals from shelters into loving homes


Pttr is a full-stack cloud platform complete with a from-scratch backend API layer and web app (with serious considerations for developing a mobile app in the future) that bridges the gap between stray animals, animal shelters and prospective individuals who either would like to adopt an animal or donate to a shelter. It is meant to combat the aging digital infrastructure (use of old desktop-based applications) and poorly integrated systems (lack of cross-platform and cloud infrastructure abilities) of various rescue organizations and animal shelters.

One of the least tackled problems of today's society deals with the gross amount of animals that are out in the streets. Even worse, most animal shelters (which provide as a support network for such stray animals in their transition to find a new home) often lack the capacity to provide a decent environment for such animals, along with the fact that most shelters resort to euthanasia in a span of 2-4 weeks upon receiving a stray animal. 

This is all due to the lack of 
  1. A sizable budget to fit an animal shelter's needs (as they mostly get a measly residue of county/state budgets)
  2. Coordination, cross platform capability as well as a cloud-based management system that provides for animal shelters and animal rescue organizations (and if there are, they come at a price and are not specialized enough for the needs of such shelters)
  3. Crowd-sourced data about the pet's behaviors as well as an easily traceable owner history.
Pttr expects to solve these scope of problems.

Full Description

Regular users can sign up on our service to: 
  1. Donate to an animal shelter's specific budget categories (hygiene, structural improvement, animal healthcare, food, etc.)
  2. Like a certain animal (which can help us aggregate better ideas about the types and kinds of animal the user tends to like, helping us refine his personal dashboard of
  3. Adopt an animal
Animal shelters can sign up on our service to:
  1. Upload the list of animals in their shelter (and keep a history log of such animals along with a traceable history of adoption).
  2. Be able to actively manage animals currently in their shelters
  3. Receive donations from users signed up in our service (as well as keep a history log of such donations).
  4. Investigate prospective adoptions users have filed for a certain animal in their shelter, allowing for better realization of how "stable" and "good" a user is of being a prospective adopter and new owner of the animal
  5. Coordinate with other animal shelters

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