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A platform for people to SHARE info on “unidentified" free parking space.

Full Description

Background Parking is a huge plague for a fast growing young metropolitan like Hangzhou. Solving it requires a big complex systematic approach which government in ally with big internet company are already taking. It takes some waiting for the city parking to become “smarter”. Therefore, for now, we are aspired to create a complementary attempt, an alleviator, a fun desert that brings people light.  The idea We believe “smart" is sharing, is volunteering, is utilizing idle resources, especially by engaging the force of every individual. 
We are aware that there exists a considering amount of unoccupied spaces(and legal). Therefore, we want to create a WIKI project that encourages people to share and communicate about free “undiscovered” parking space to alleviate parking shortage and make parking more fun. How to get involved: When you find out a nice parking spot and want more people to appreciate this amenity, 
 1). Open our app or webpage 
 2). Click the Red button “Mark Spot” 
 3). Input description and your phone number (if you are not logged in) at will 
 4). If you are logged in, you will receive points of view that can be consumed to view other parking spaces. 
 To view possibly available parking spots: 
 1). Sign up, and you will be granted 5 points of view which can be used to view spots of 5 neighborhoods. 
 2). Click “View Spots” 
 3). You can see many markers on the map near you, and can see popup window including descriptions and comments. 
 4). The application can guide you to the location, and you can rate the location and make a comment, which will also grant you points of view. 
As more people try to use the available parking spots, and give the project feedback, the system can evaluate each spot with the probability of “available”, indicated with shades of maker. Again, this project is not to provide a solution to the parking problem. The wiki-uploaded data is surely not reliable, but if more people use it, finally we can get data map of potential parking spaces. Perhaps a spot is already occupied by a car when you arrived, but it still indicates a new parking spot.

Video Presentation

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The Scavengers(lanxiang)


Hailiang Wen (翁海亮)
Xiong Qian (钱雄 )
Luning Wei (卫露宁) 
Shun Li (李顺)

Created by  invisiblewei



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