As cities grow, spaces become tighter. 

We have an opportunity to be more efficient with the use of these spaces based on their availability outside of operating hours. 

As residential spaces get smaller, the need for activity spaces outside the home gets bigger.

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  • We are urban inhabitants.

  • We are disconnected from each other.

  • We are unaware of the urban services and opportunities that might exist.

  • We want to fully leverage the spaces of the city.


  • We want to create linkages in the following ways:

    • Person to Person

    • Person to Business / Organization

    • Business to Business / Organization

  • We want to educate the public as to the potentials present in our city.

  • We want to unlock the spatial potentials in cities to allow for a more complete utilization of our built assets over time.

Strategy (Part 1)

  • Aggregate user and population data to show occupation of the city over the course of any given day.

  • Map anonymized user data to show intensity over the course of the day.

  • Map business and public spaces in the city on top of activity data.

  • Code spaces with operational hours and contact information.

  • Allow people to search either open business and/or available spaces.

Strategy (Part 2)

  • Create platform on which businesses can offer available spaces that can be occupied by the community during non-operational hours.

  • Tie in database of space characteristics and restrictions

  • Logins for both businesses/organizations and users.

  • Reputation system for both businesses and users.

  • Broker transactions for businesses.

Strategy (Part 3)

  • Create social profiles for individuals to allow for controlled communications between users.

  • Leverage existing social networks.


  • Create a beautiful web portal to help educate the public about the possibilities.

.Benefits to User

  • Awareness of spatial potentials in the city.

  • Connections to businesses and other individuals.

  • Intensification of uses in and around the city.

  • More stuff to do, more opportunities to do it - individually and organizationally.

Benefits to Business

  • Monetize or barter unused spaces over the course of the day.

  • Build potential client base through business exposure.

  • Connect to other businesses and organizations.

Benefits to Community

  • More intensive use of spaces, more active urban environments.

  • Greater availability of space/time slots and decreased costs.

  • More connection between citizens.

  • More engagement between citizens and businesses and civic institutions.

  • Better cities.




Camila Serrano


Baldwin Hum

Juan Lara

Carolyn Fung

Marcelo Martinez



global awards

We are excited that our project has been nominated for the global awards. For these awards, we feel that our project best fits in the Best Data Category.