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Is Toomer's Corner Being Rolled Right Now?

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A unique tradition at Auburn University is to roll the traffic poles and trees at Toomer's Corner after each Auburn victory. Using a bit of calculus, we've developed an application which analyzes video footage of Toomer's Corner to programmatically determine if it has been rolled. Information on these applications may be viewed on the organization page README on GitHub.

We've generalized this video analysis into a prototype using Principle Component Analysis which can analyze an arbitrary video feed and
determine if a current scene is atypical. This may be applied to improve traffic management within a city, by automatically alerting drivers to detour to avoid the unusual activity, such as a roadblock or accident. Information on this may be viewed on its README on GitHub.

To view the live feed or learn more about Toomer's Corner, check out these links:

YouTube Project Video

Project Video (4:22)

3 minute cut (excluding explanation of the tradition of rolling Toomer's Corner)

Project Video ‎(3 min cut)‎


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