Holyoke Urban Art

Holyoke Urban Art


With the objective of improving the walkability, attractiveness, and citizen engagement in the city of Holyoke, we propose a Youth Arts Program that will promote urban art contests with a crowdvoting mechanism. The end goal is to revitalize downtown through art and engage youth and citizens in general through active participation and voting for the works of art that they would like to remain in their city.

Full Description
The Youth Arts Program will consist of three overarching elements facilitated by youth participation: 
(1) Urban Art Contests
  • Monthly or bi-monthly art contests paired with community events such as Farmer´s Markets, concerts, food trucks, etc, facilitated and organized by the City of Holyoke in collaboration with the Youth Arts group
  • Open to the entire community promoting engagement with all citizens
  • Works of art placed in strategic places in downtown to promote walkability 
(2) Crowdvoting Platform
  • Citizens will vote on their favorite art work every month in order to choose top 3 works of art
  • Enabled by an online platform easily linked to facebook and City of Holyoke´s page
  • Consider IBM Bluemix
(3) Holyoke Art Showcase
  • Winners of the Urban Art Contest will be contracted by the city to elaborate large art work (ie. murals, sculptures)
  • City of Holyoke will provide funding and public space for the large works of art
  • Use of vacant buildings owned by the city (and if possible others)
  • Large community event

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Holyoke Urban Art Team

Hugo Zylberg
Nicole Varón
Angela Reyes
Alan Bidart


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