Grouple is a cross-platform mobile/web application with the goal to connect people together in order to build a stronger sense of community. 

Full Description

  • The name "Grouple" came from Groupon  - we decided that, as Groupon "groups" coupons together to give people a good deal, we wanted to group people together so that they may get to meet with others with the same interests as them. 
  • Within the app, we included two options for users: to create events so that they may find people who might want to attend events with them, or to join events with other like-minded individuals.
  • Events are updated in real-time so that users may see the most up-to-date information.
  • We also make use of the Twitter feed by parsing public tweets about events happening in Vancouver so as to let everyone know about the exciting events that people are talking about! 
  • An example of a use for this app: 
    • Suppose there is a deal for an event in which, if you buy tickets for 10 people at once, everyone gets 20% off. 
    • Using Grouple, you can create an event and look for others in the community who are also interested in going to the same event.
    • After finding enough people, you can then buy the tickets together, thus allowing everyone to save some money and make new friends! 

Video Presentation

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Napon Taratan, Kevin Chow, Daniel Lim, Amelia Yap



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