Grocery Bus

Team Plateful


40% of Birmingham is classified as a food desert. To address this problem, we propose a web application, Grocery Bus, an inventory tracking web application for rolling grocery stores.

Full Description

  • List locations of 6 corner stores.
  • List locations and times of market stops for rolling grocery buses. (Provide some mechanism for consumer to determine where bus is at given time.)
  • Design customer identification / profile system for buying groceries with "rewards points."

The end-user for our solution is a customer visiting the bus or corner store.  

  • A survey that gathers information about shoppers. (Use Survey Monkey).
    • Survey at checkout
    • Online survey (from home)A way for consumers to view inventory from home at each of the corner stores.
  • Data visualization for shopping experience (e.g. pie chart of what they purchased - possible suggestions about better, "healthier" options)
  • A way for consumers to buy an "entire" meal and it places them in the shopping cart.
  • A follow-up email after each purchase with some metrics and suggestions.
  • Nutritional information about food items on the bus.
  • Track "healthiness" of community based on data collected from consumer purchases - some kind of map visualization, pie chart, etc.  
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Tarif Haque 

Thomas Hancock

Jamal Boykin

Heather Pike

Lisa Schwaiger

Nicholas Porterfield


TeamPlateful's Grocery Bus on GitHub