Street lighting is a simple way to prevent  accidents and increase safety. Studies have shown that darkness results in a large number of crashes and fatalities, especially those involving pedestrians; pedestrian fatalities are 3 to 6.75 times more likely to happen in the darkness than in daylight. Street lighting has been found to reduce pedestrian crashes by approximately 50%.

Nowadays, there is a deficiency  at Chihuahua's public lightning system
. Failure control has not been automated which means that street lights stop working for long periods of  time.  Our project is focused on solving this problem presenting an improved monitoring system reducing time response and the number of failures by implementing a control system. 


Full Description

Our objective is the development of a smart monitoring system improving the efficiency on the maintaining labor of the street lighting. In general it can be used for any monitoring purpose on another systems. A security system for a residence, an irrigation system and even monitoring industrial equipment are some examples where this principle can be used.
Every light was assigned with a timer which is going to turn every light on and off during 3 seconds simulating the period when the lights are supposed to be turned 
on during night and turned off during daylight.  When one of the lights is not working when it's supposed to be,  (night time) the system will display an alarm telling us which light is not working. 
For prototyping purposes, we used led light bulbs to simulate the street lights. 

Future Plan

In the near future our goal is to have the lecture in real-time we are using an Arduino one to sense the current that is consumed by the system, how much time it is working and the time when the lights should be on. We plan to keep working on this project and also have another sensor to check the light intensity in the environment so the lights are active only when needed on the time that is allowed to be active.
With all these we will have a system when the lights are only going to be used when there is really a necessity for them, we will have a reliable source about the time of usage, and with this information have  maintenance performed on time.

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