Energy saver

Saving our world
In this city the energy consumption is an important economic expense because the people do not have a good ecological culture.
Facing this problem we are developing an amazing, spectacular and unbelievable solution to  control the energy consumption.
The main idea for this project is to offer a real energy consumption control for the user, where the user  selects the amount of KW/hr for an specific period of time in which he can check in real time the consumption, when a specific period of time time is selected and the consumption is predetermined  our product  has the capability to active an alarm to invite the user to change his consumption habits. This action helps the user to save money while saving the planet.

Current sensors connected to the local energy supply are monitoring energy consumption to provide our product the information needed to define the cost of the energy already used, looking for the consumption profile  to give constant feedback of the consumption habits. 

1.-Save money
2.-Save natural resources
3.-Energy real time monitoring
4.-Decrease fossil fuels pollution

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Calle Florida
3213 Colonia Quintas
ZIP 31214

Start: Start time, 19February 2015, EST
End: End time, 22 February 2015, EST

JORSH, Romero
RAMI, Teran
VALE, Torres
NELI, Morales
WACHO, Armendariz