EmuLUX is a startup that specialises in smart streetlights. We would look to utilise low cost LED lighting with smart technology to improve a city.   

Full Description

Current lighting systems in a city are old and under utilised. There is a niche for rapid innovation to save a city money and provide technological development across its urban areas. 

We would control lights in a smart way, we propose this through a centralised controller. LED lights are the best choice for lighting systems; due to their running costs and interconnectivity with computerised hardware. 

But controlling lights colour and intensity is not the main imperative of this project. We explored the vast options that could arise from smart controlled LEDs in streetlights, which include: 

Networks:- A network would need to be established between each lightpole, the technology involved can be adapted to have better public wifi/GSM networks. 

Hardware:- The module that controls the LEDs can be expanded and adapted to include facilities such as noise detection, movement detection and tracking of trucks, public service vehicles, etc. 

Smart control of light:
Changing behaviour through lighting in the city. 
- Ecological benefits.
- Emergency lighting systems and safety controls. 


Adam O'Brien
Cliona Buckley
Fabian Strunden
Sung-Yeuh Perng
Timothy O'Sullivan
Anais Subrero
Tony Hepburn
Raz Akhtar
John Glynn
Conor Forde
Kilian Dolan
Andrew Conlon



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