Music studio finder for musicians and their budget  

1. There are 50K musicians in NYC. There are hundreds of recording studios in NYC. 
2. However, musicians can't find recording studios online in a one place.
  • Must go to each individual website to check studio locations
  • Websites don't list the prices
3. Time consuming to communicate via phone for both musicians and studios.
4. Difficult for musicians to find the best studio for their current budget.
5. Studios are missing potential customers.

How Musicians Deal with Their Pain Points Now?
1. Musicians call each of their friends to ask for a recommendation that would fit the band's budget.

Our Solution
1. A responsive web app that list out all the studios based on:
  • Location
  • Budget

1. Musicians have more options (not only the options that their friends know and recommend)
2. Musicians feel empowered by the transparent data
3. Both musicians and studios have more free time

Why us?
Bugra is a domain expert in the music industry. He has been playing professionally for over 10 years, published records, authored 5 books, and received Yamaha Best Performer Award in 2008.

Upcoming Features!

1. More details such as equipments, space.
2. Ability for studios to manage their own listing
  • Upload schedules so musicians can research on their own instead of calling the studio - which will reduce the workload of staff
  • Empower musicians
3. Ability for professional musicians to create a profile so they can
  • Add "friends: feature
  • Rate a studio
  • Share the studio info to their band members
  • Get reviews of the studios by their "friends" - this is because musicians only trust their professional circle, not public
  • Communicate with studios via messaging in app
  • Upload photos they take and the albums they create in the studio - marketing for musicians

Bugra Balci

Michelle Ng



1) http://dowse.mybluemix.net
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