C.S. Report


C.S. Report is an app developed for helping citizens all over the world.
This app is gives the oportunity to the users to report a wide variety of problems where they live, it includes problems like; robbery, fires, floods and car crashes, but it doesn't only do that, it can be used for other tasks like calling an ambulance, reporting car traffics on certain areas, etc.
The constant reports of significant events and constant updates will make the city aware of everything at any moment on every place.
C.S Report; Helping your city, report by report.


Full Description

Have you ever been on the street, by walking or in a car, and witnessed and incident or 

accident? Like a crash or an urgent medic emergency, robbery, a fire or something of the 

like. Can you normally report incidents like this to the authorities?

Based on our research we have discovered that most of the people doesn’t do it, on most 

cases this is because of one of the following reasons:

  • Because we do not like our numbers or names engraved, as there’s the belief that this information can be misused.
  • Because we don't want to waste our time.
  • Because we don't know how to report the incident, probably because we don't have the necessary information to do it.
But it is important to make this reports for the following reasons: 
  • Mainly because sometimes wit can be resolved quickly with our help and avoid this kind of problems in the city.
  • We can resolve a problem before it causes an accident.
  • To help an investigation, make it more effective.
By making the investigations more effective we help our city, with the proper contacts taking care of all the issues with our updated information this complications can be taken care of more properly.

And that's why we have been given the task of creating an application by which we can report this kind of incidents with our cellphones. This application is named C.S. Report, which means City Status Report.

You should be using this application because of the following reasons: 
  • With C.S. Report all your reports will be send anonymously, so there's no risk for your well being, nobody will konow that you made the report.
  •  Because it's fast and easy to use, you just need to enter the app, press report incidents, choose the type of problem that you have witnessed, and the report will be  send to the proper contact to solve the issue, all this without using any personal information.
  • And also it makes possible for us to see of any accident in our city, and with this you will be capable of avoiding this type of problems in your every day life.
To make it short, this app will be of great help for all the citizens, and we hope that it can help you in your every day life, also with it you can help your city become a better place, and therefore a better society.

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C.S. Report


Diego Zamora

Noel Murillo

Guillermo García

Luis Eduardo Rodriguéz

Diego Almada

David Arturo Salazar

Israel Castro