CopDat is an anonymous P2P marketplace. CopDat enables safe  local transactions. CopDats peer to peer transactions are anonymous and safe. Merchandise purchased is delivered by courier in under an hour. Transactions are not recorded. Buyer/Seller data is encrypted and purged once the transaction is complete.   

Full Description
Sellers listing in the CopDat app market are verified and rated based on buyer feedback. All transactions undergo a multi-step process designed to ensure user anonymity and render funding untraceable in origin. Funds are only released after delivery confirmation.

Courier pickup and delivery information remains private and is not shared between parties. Sellers arrange for pickup by courier at a convenient public location (from a database sorted by foot traffic frequency/infrequency and geospatial data), keeping their identity and location safe. Buyer's merchandise is delivered by courier to a public location (from the foot traffic frequency database) convenient to the buyer.

The CopDat app marketplace ensures safety and anonymity for both buyers and sellers. CopDat encourages local exchange free from disputes, controversy, and danger. All CopDat transactions for new merchandise are subject to local sales tax which is collected on behalf of the local municipality.  Collection of taxes supports the local government and municipal infrastructure.

The foot traffic frequency database is generated from IoT data requests from IoT connected devices in nearby businesses; data from sliding doors, cash registers, credit card processors, etc.

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