The Challenge

We are trying to create an application to help people and authorities to make safer, proper and helpful our city, Guadalajara.

We take the IBM's challenge but not only to create a reporting to accidents or problems in the city, we want a really transformation in which normal people, engaged citizens take control and participate in the development of the city.

The application
If we see a problem, an accident, an urban failure, a rob, a crash, flows,... we can inform the authorities selecting the category and the gravity of the facts.

The application automatically inform the police, the nearest hospital or the engaged citizens near the zone depending the situation.

The report
A public report will be accesible into the application and a map can be deployed to see the situation of all the city every day, week, month and global.



Tecnológico de Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico

Tecnológico de Monterrey
Campus Guadalajara

Start: Start time, 21February 2015, EST
End: End time, 22 February 2015, EST

Ricardo Ocampo-Vega
Rentería Hernández
Alonso Lizaola
Irving Alvárez Vázquez
Hanen Mtibaa
Paco Llorente