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Favor x Favor


A web-based platform that helps neighbors get the services and goods they need for free via exchanging among themselves

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Favor X Favor is a web-based platform that helps neighbors get the services and goods they need for free via exchanging among themselves. Got a flat tired? A neighbor is your closest helping-hand. New in the neighborhood and baking a cake for your daughter’s birthday but ran out of flour? Ask your neighbor for a flour you need and get to know him/her.   


Exchanging favors with your neighbors helps you get to know the ones who live around you, create a sense of community belonging. Simply having the back of the ones who live around you.


When the company that provides a service for your community fails to do so, your neighbor is the one who can help you out when that service fails. Also, when the costs for services are too high sharing with your neighbor looks very appealing. Not having access to certain cervices within may make you a bit vulnerable in some aspects. Favor X Favor is there to allow you gain access to goods and services for free via exchanging favors with your neighbors.


Exchanging services among neighbors is the fastest way most of the time to get an answer for your daily problems such as when your son needs a bit of help with the chemistry homework. A neighbor could be available to do that favor for you. This translates into saving money and saving time looking for a service or a good that is actually outside your community making your life easier.


Favor X Favor works by registering in the site, opening a profile where you include the set of skills of goods you have based on a list of categories we got available. In order to promote participation a neighbor can only ask for a favor once he or she has given a favor to someone else.


The exchange of favors is safe and possible because the neighbors that register go through a meticulous process of identity identification by documents and peers reference. Also, every neighbor will built a reputation in the community based on the number of favors given and received by others. Thus, user with a good reputation can be trusted.


Social connectivity and interactions in a community are the base for building a sense of belonging which leads to a better quality of life since most issues could be address quickly from your own neighborhood.


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