An OnDemand Waste Collection Service


Binned is a platform that provides a service to both business owners and bin truck operators to refine the collection of waste within inner cities. 

Full Description
Problem: Waste Management across the city needs refinement and improvement because currently, packaged waste is left outside of businesses leaving them vulnerable to vandalism.  
Space with restaurants and other hospitality services areas is limited in any extended storage of waste. 

As an On Demand service, Binned will provide the truck operators data on refined timetabling in a geographic location, within urban settings. Through user demands, the orchestration of trucks within a city can be analysed and refined via the data set created by Binned. 

We expect to provide a tracking device for the waste collection trucks integrating with the rental companies of these vehicles. 

It empowers business owners to organise collection times that suit their businesses. Binned will reduce the amount of trucks on the road, lessening and air pollution. Groups of business can be allocated into communities that would have better buying power with existing companies; creating value with the business and reduce cost for the bin collection service. 

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