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This project have three main  objectives: the project improves the traffic during the big local festival or events management, less time waiting at traffic lights and  where to put your business in the city! All thanks to wlaker flow sensors, that can also provide to the users traffic condition of the important streets such as Passeig de Gracia, La Rambla and so on to avoid possible traffic congestion. 

Full Description

We used IBM cloud technology, node JS to create a simple HTTP query to the Sentilo API in order to collect datas from the noise sensors, thurs, we save the noise value to the same platform data base. We can process and analyze the datas using hadoop by Bluemix. In the end, we implement a client to represent datas from IBM cloud data base.

This project consists 3 parts of possible implementations:

  1.    Traffic density information to the final user (human)
    • Traffic management&load balancing
  2.     Cooperation with other sensors to consolidate the city intelligence
    •  Traffic light management
  3.     Possible business inversion from the public inversion

    •  Data analyze result to the company

The first one is an Web App or and Android App.
  •     Web App for City Council for avoid incidents in massive events
  •     Android App for citizens for avoid crowding and new route to reach their destination
The second one is to change the traffic lights in function to how many people are on the street.
The third
one is leverage the analysis of flow through the city to know where to place your business according to their typolgy

Android App:
We do it with de noise sensor, the walker flows sensors don't work! A
s a function of the noise level sensors change color in our project would be the case if there are many people, indicate the area in red, otherwise green.

Web App:
Using bluemix and iCity REST API, select an optimal route to avoid congested street.



tr3s team


Edith Galmés
Yifei Ge
Victor Ramírez


  •  Node.js link
  • Cloudant
  • IBM Analytics for Hadoop