AlarmInc is a fire detection system that integrates several devices linked with each other via radiofrequency, in conjunction with an automated SMS alert to provide a more reliable and fast detection.

In Honduras several tragedies have occurred in different markets, prisons and local businesses leaving large monetary losses, thousands of injured persons and deaths. The major cause of these events is the lack of an opportune response due to nonexistent fire detecting systems.

AlarmInc will provide a centralized system that will allow a more effective detection at a low monetary cost for crowded and closed environments such as markets. If a fire is detected all locations will be alarmed allowing prompt evacuation and faster response from the fire department.

Full Description

Alarm systems are primarily designed to warn occupants of a fire so that they may safely evacuate the premises. Some alarm systems that use smoke detectors might produce false alarms and unnecessary emergency calls. Since AlarmInc uses heat detection algorithms these inconvenients are vanished providing the best choice for costumers’ safety and satisfaction.

Our alarm systems are integrated by interconnected detectors that allow a wide radius of operativity. This helps to avoid blind spots and warn all the interconnected locations for immediate fire control response to protect people, assets and the environment. The interconnection of the devices is done via radiofrequency to allow independence and wireless capability of all devices.

The basic components of the alarm system are the detectors and the central messaging system. The detectors are composed by a temperature sensor, radiofrequency modules, a buzzer, a reset button and an Atmega 328p-pu microprocessor. This enables AlarmInc to measure sudden temperature changes and to warn all locations by activating an acoustic alarm. 

The central device consists of the same components as the detectors, with an added GMS module, which sends an SMS with the location of the nearby fire to the firefighting department.

Operation Diagram

Housing Design

Future Growth of AlarmInc

One of the many advantages of AlarmInc is the possibility to transform under the same functioning principle into different monitoring systems such as AlarmCO2, AlarmLPG, AlarmFlood.

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