Shenzhen, China

Nobody but you! 無你唔得!

Shenzhen Center for Design will be the host of Global Urban Datafest in Shenzhen. The center will partner up with Chaihuo Maker Space, the largest local Maker Community. The two day event will focus on solving an urban issue by teams made up by makers, data analysts, programmers and urban issue experts. The Center collected pressing issues of Shenzhen from urban dwellers, city management agencies and transportation agencies to form a topic pool of "Shenzhen Demands". Participants are welcome to pick from the topic pool or to solve an urban issue of their own. 

RULES: Teams can be formed during or prior to the event, any coding or making of the product is to be done during the event. Each team will have 1000RMB for materials and food. 

Email to Register


Feb.11 Wednesday 3:00pm-5:00pm
“Shenzhen Demands” Workshop @ Chaihuo Maker Space
/Come and learn about urban issues of Shenzhen
/Socialize with your potential team member

No Registration Required

Feb.26 Thursday 3:00pm (tentative)
"Global Urban Datafest Shenzhen" Press Release @ Shenzhen Center for Design
/Media announcement for Global Hackathon Shenzhen
/Tour the event venue

No Registration Required

Mar.7 Saturday DAY 1
@Shenzhen Center for Design
09:00am Sign-in
09:30am Introduction
10:00am Team Formation
11:00am Start Making!

Mar.8 Sunday DAY 2
@Shenzhen Center for Design 
06:00pm Stop Making!
07:00pm Presentation (30mins per team including post discussion)
Announcement for top 2 projects
/End of the event

Bring with you..

  • Laptop
  • Overnight Gear(Tent and rubber mat is provided)
  • Materials related to the project
3D printer, laser cutter, and basic hardware blocks are sponsored by Chaihuo Maker Space / SeeedStudio

LOCAL PARTNERS AND SPONSORS                           
Local Host: Shenzhen Center for Design
Co-Host: Chaihuo Maker Space
Sponsor: SeeedStudio/Urban Data Party/Shanzhai City/Open Source China



Shenzhen Center for Design
#302, Bldg A, Shenzhen Sculpture Academy,
No.8 Zhongkang Rd, Shangmeilin

Chaihuo Maker Space 
#227, Bldg A5, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan

Start: 9:00 AM, 7 March 2015, UTC+8:00
10:00 PM, 8 March 2015, UTC+8:00

Na, Fu
Gigi, Leung
Woodia, Yu