Datafest Team Participation Virtual Participation Rules Judges Awards FAQ

How to Participate Virtually

No local Datafest event in your city? Can't get to the nearest one? Not a problem. You can still participate virtually. Here are the simple steps.

Before the Event

Connect with others. Join our Google Group This will accomplish two things. You will be able to join the discussion. You will also be able to comment and edit and create pages on this website. Also, check out the Connect page for information on social media.

Figure out what interests you. Visit the Challenges page. Also, check out what data sources, tools and APIs others have listed.  If you think some resources that should be listed but are not, feel free to add them to the list(s)!

Find collaborators at a local event. Decide at which hackathon you would like to participate virtually. A list of the locations is here.  You can ask the local organizer(s) for help with finding teammates. You can also post a message on our Google group or on social media. If you have an idea for your project, please create a page (instructions are here). Indicate on your project page that you are a virtual participant and looking for collaborators. You can indicate your preferred location or just leave that option open.

Important: Do not register for the local event in another city. That registration is only for those who will be attending the event in person. 

During the Event

Collaborate. You can use any tools or services to communicate with your collaborator(s): Skype, Google+ and so on.

Meet the deadline. Meet the deadline. Fill out your project's page jointly with your collaborator(s). Submit your project on time.

After the Event

Relax. Have fun and check out the other teams' work - both in your city and elsewhere. Visit their project pages and watch their Youtube presentations. Folllow online announcements on judging of those winning projects that have been nominated for global awards.