Datafest Team Participation Virtual Participation Rules Judges Awards FAQ


General Prizes

Best Software Project:  Proyecto Breathe Better, Madrid, Spain
Best Hardware Project: Social Cycle, London, UK
Best Data Project: Mizamike Scope Project, Lome, Togo

Criteria for General Prizes

Judging will be based on the following 4 criteria, all scored on a 10-point scale:

Usefulness:  Project’s potential to help individuals, communities, NGOs, researchers, journalists, or policy makers.

Innovation:  New ideas and new thinking shown in the project. Creative design aimed at maximizing impact.

Usability:  User-friendliness, easy interactivity and simple updates. In the case of data-analysis projects, we’ll also be looking at easy-to-understand explanation of the results. 

Completeness:  We would like to see well-developed prototypes. If the core functionality is working - that's a big plus. 

Rules for General Prizes

Coding:  Teams may use existing tools and libraries but all of their project’s code must be new. Participants may form teams and pitch ideas prior to the event but all of the project’s code must be written during the event. The code must be open sourced and put on GitHub.

Presentations: The winning teams nominated for global awards must add a 3-minute Youtube presentation to their project page within two weeks after the hackathon. They also must indicate the global award for which they wish to be considered.

Language: The project pages and Youtube presentations must be in English.

IBM Bluemix Prize

$120,000 USD credit for one year of IBM Cloud usage for eligible startups.

Judging Criteria for IBM Bluemix Prize

Application Uniqueness: 25%, 
Usage of IBM Bluemix Services & Runtime:  25%
Solution Completeness: 25%, 
Presentation & Demo: 25%.

Please note, all prizes or any prize components will be awarded to the winning team as a whole and not to each individual member of a winning team. IBM is not responsible for any disputes among team members concerning prize or prize components.