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A Distributed, Diverse Event

The Global Urban Datafest is a multi-city hackathon, a weekend of intense collaborative coding. We bring together two diverse groups. One is developers, data scientists, open hardware enthusiasts. The other includes urban experts, journalists and specialists in all other fields. Diverse teams typically produce best results. This is why we invite people of all backgrounds to participate.

The Emphasis

This Datafest focuses both on analyzing data and building software and hardware that uses or produces data. In every field and on any issue, there is a need to better understand what’s going on. There also are people who need new and better software and hardware to manage their work and their daily lives.

The Process

We encourage you to think of the Datafest as a process that starts before the  two-day contest and extends beyond it. If you are interested in coding, data, DYI hardware or urban issues, you can see this event as an introduction to new ideas and people.

A hackathon is just as much about showcasing your skills and networking with like-minded people as it is about building a project over a weekend. The main goal is to enable a weekend of intense collaboration and discover what we can accomplish when that happens.

So let's start forming teams and pitching ideas now.  Please join our Google group to connect with others. You can also communicate with others via social media - please see the Connect page for details.